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“A photo is all that remains from an ice sculpture”

Written by leeellenking

Klaus Ebeling (1930-2022) carved snow and ice for thirty years. He was a master of perspective and illusion, and with his carving partner,Jerry Merrill, won the International Snow Sculpting Competition in Lillehammer, Norway with their sculpture, “Pyramid On One Snowflake.” Klaus participated in over 100 national and international snow and ice carving competitions in Fairbanks with Ice Alaska from 1995-2006.

As a tribute to Klaus, his Pyramid sculpture has been duplicated and carved here at Ice Alaska by Ronald Daanen and Ina Timling. It stands next to the Alaska Airlines Award Stage in the Ice Park. Look at it from both sides. You will not believe this magnificent piece has been carved from one block of snow.

Klaus expressed his gratitude to the world by chanting the sacred sound of the universe OM.

                                               Farewell Klaus!    OOOOOOOOMMMMMMMM


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