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2023 World Ice Art Championships February 17 through March 17


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Multiblock Classic

Competition :
February 17th – 22nd
Presentation Awards :
February 23rd

6 days

Four Artists use nine blocks of ice, to create a massive show piece that will blow your mind.

Double Block Classic

Competition :
February 25th- 27th
Presentation awards :
February 28th

3 days

A dynamic duo making masterpieces using only two blocks of ice – a sensation to see.

Single Block Classic

Competition :
March 2nd – March 4th
Presentation awards :
March 5th

3 days

One person vs one block of ice, working towards world “ice domination”

Youth Classic

Competition :
March 13th – 16th
Presentation awards :
March 17th

4 days

Young imaginations run free to create amazing icy sculptures using a single block of ice.

Collegiate Challenge

Competition :
February 15th – 17th
Presentation awards :
February 18th

3 days

Culinary students wielding their knowledge & knives to carve out freezing masterpieces.

passion meets endurance

Approx 1,225,000 lbs of ice is harvested for the event under extreme weather temperatures.  All are then scrutinized for quality control to ensure that only the finest ice blocks are used for the finest artists in the world.

This is a prestigious event for “the best of the best”.

Crystal clear art

It’s an incredible experience, where every sculpture is created from crystal clear water from the natural resources in Fairbanks, Alaska.

The blocks of ice are known throughout the world as the “Arctic Diamond”. Each block of ice is cut, harvested and transported by dedicated volunteers then sculpted by world class artists. Of course none of this can occur with the amazing support by our sponsors and community.

The World Ice Art Championships has started! Ice Alaska is open everyday for the next: