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Frequently asked Questions

2023 World Ice Art Championships February 17 through March 31

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Frequently asked questions

What is Ice Alaska?

Ice Alaska is the name of the ice festival that also incorporates the World Ice Art Championships event each winter from mid-February through the end of March.  See the page History & Benefits for our complete biography

How can I get Involved?

See our page on Membership.  You are invited to become a Member of the World ICE Association, the governing body that produces Ice Alaska and the World Ice Art Championships.  Annual membership fee starts from $25 and this modest fee allows the organization to cover the administrative costs required by both Alaska State and Federal Government for all 501c3 non-profit entities. We also have volunteering opportunities, See our page on Volunteering

Who are the Board of DIrectors?

Please see the About Us page for more detailed information.  The state of Alaska requires all non-profit organizations to maintain a minimum 7 person Board of Directors.  Ice Alaska keeps an 11 Seat Board because our members are spread throughout Alaska and the other US states.  A larger sized Board ensures that at any given time, there are enough members available to make an executive decision when necessary. 

Where is Ice Alaska?

The venue for Ice Alaska festival and the World Ice Art Championships is the Tanana Valley State Fairgrounds. 

1800 College Rd

Fairbanks, AK 99709

How much is admission into Ice Alaska?

Please refer to our Tickets Page

What are the Dates of Ice Alaska?

For the 2023 Season, the park opens from February 17th until March 31st (weather permitting). Competition dates start from February 17th. Please see the Calendar for more information

Can I take Photos at Ice Alaska?

We encourage everyone to enjoy themselves and taking photos is a natural part of that participation. We encourage sharing photos and the use of social media, however any sales or profiting from photos is considered a copy right infringement with out written our permission. Any requests can be applied for at

Can I bring my dog or pets to Ice Alaska?

Short answer is NO.
Please respect that this is an event involving expensive Ice Art and children and volunteers.
The Ice Art produced by our Artists is extremely valuable and cannot be replaced. After the competition, many of the Artists leave to return to work and therefore are not available to fix or correct any accidents or vandalism on their artworks.
As a non-profit organisation, Ice Alaska cannot afford the liability of an unfortunate event occurring between one visitor’s animal and another’s child.
Nobody likes “yellow snow” !! Our volunteers are putting in hours at the park, usually under cold and dark conditions for the love of the event – this does not extend to cleaning up after your pet. It takes around 2 hours to view all that the park has to offer and this is a long time for an animal to restrain itself. 
As per Alaska state laws, service animals are welcome but emotional, support or therapy animals are not.
Please refer to the following state document for any further information –

Can I smoke at Ice Alaska?

Our Property owners have a No Smoking Policy in which Ice Alaska has to abide by. Thank you for your understanding.